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Learn how to Book Cheap Flights Anywhere

Apr 25, 2020

This Episode

Travel Fixer


Learn how to Book Cheap Flights Anywhere

Many people want to travel and explore the world but feel that it is too expensive to fly anywhere and limit their adventures to places they can reach by car. No one has to restrict their travels to only places you can get by car. Affordable travel is possible if you know how to find discounted flights.

5 Great Tips For Flying Cheap

If you want to find a cheap flight anywhere in the world, you will find the best pricing by using the following tips.

1- Always Use Private Searches

If you use in-private browsing when you search for a flight, you will find honest rates for available flights. When the search engines can see what offers you have already seen for flights, all of the results will start coming up with very close pricing to your original search. When you browse in private, you can find what each different airline or travel site is actually offering for the tickets you want. Remember: flight prices will increase when your browser recognizes that the same destinations are being searched multiple times for flights. This is why private browsing is necessary.

2- Use An Airline Search Engine

Search engines designed to find airline seat pricing are a great way to secure a cheap flight. Make sure to fly out during the week instead of weekends for the biggest discounts. Just don’t forget to browse in private before you check each one. Some of the better ones include:


Google flights is also very good at finding all the different flights available, but not necessarily the most economical flights.

3 – Rewards Programs

Always take advantage of credit cards that allow you to earn miles. Some credit cards are specific to one airline, while others allow general mile accumulations. Join rewards programs for the different airlines you use to help build points for free flights. Also, make sure to review the benefits that all your credit cards offer. Some offer discounted or free baggage while flying; others provide free travel insurance or free access to airport lounges just for having their card.

4- Budget Airlines and Smaller Airports Are Your Friends

Smaller airlines often fly into the smaller airports of the larger cities. What this means to you is that you can reach your destination for much less because you do not have to pay the high airport fees associated with the major international airports. You can save up to half price in many cases for the same flight by choosing a discount airline and a smaller airport.

5- Book Connecting Flights Yourself

Affordable travel becomes much easier when you book connecting flights separately. This gives you the ability to use different airlines from different areas to achieve your end goal. This is a great way to schedule some extra time to explore in a connection city as well.